The primary characteristic of sustainability is to attempt to maintain our finite nonrenewable resources indefinitely.  The inherent nature of the WRC environmental management and recycling business helps guarantee long-term energy security as well as provide the necessary stewardship for an important and strategic group of metal and mineral resources. The concept of sustainability is a critical factor therefore, for society now and for future generations. Resource recycling and energy conservation are inextricably linked to sustainability through the careful preservation and conservation of resources.

In 1976, a founding principle of WRC was that each generation is the custodian, rather that the absolute owner of the world’s resources and thus we are all obliged to pass on this inheritance. WRC therefore, conducts all aspects of its business in an eco-friendly manner using innovative methods coupled with energy efficient processes with 100% renewable wind-generated power. Sustainability is more than just an ethical and ecological proposition; it is the mission of our Company and is exemplified by the company’s Energy Policy; Environmental Policy; Environmental Conservation and Sustainability Policy; Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Quality Policy.

WRC recognizes and embraces the environmental management achievements and energy-saving accomplishments of  customers and suppliers as well as their commitment to recycling. WRC is privileged to be an integral component of their value chain management system. Sustainability mandates the “green” practice of recycling and recycling insures that we will meet our present resource and energy needs without having to compromise our needs for the future.