WRC is carbon neutral


Conservation and Sustainability


World Resources Company (WRC) conserves and sustains energy resources through recycling non-renewable metal and mineral bearing industrial manufacturing residues to produce custom non-ferrous metal concentrate products. Recycling equates to conservation and by using eco-friendly business practices, patented process techniques, and power management innovations, WRC strengthens the value chain and guarantees the long-term energy security for each of the customers we serve worldwide.   The Company commits to a policy of energy conservation and sustainability through the integration of green energy practices, environmental stewardship principles, and the implementation of a dynamic and forward-leaning management structure designed to recognize and enhance the environmental goals and achievements of each of the valued customers we serve.

In support of this policy World Resources Company will:


INSTILL a culture of energy management innovation throughout the Company and collaborate with suppliers to achieve the highest energy efficiencies possible;


EMBRACE green practices and green standards Company wide.


COMMIT to full use of renewable, emission-free energy;


PARTICIPATE as a Green Power Leader in the EPA Green Power Partnership program;


ENGAGE auditable energy reduction standards and metrics and certify their effectiveness on a scheduled basis;


QUANTIFY emission reductions objectives and goals;


MINIMIZE energy consumption at every level of Company operations;


DOCUMENT energy improvement objectives and track their achievements;


INVEST in certifiable green facility design and process equipment;


COOPERATE and assist our customers in providing Company carbon-offset data;


ENSURE service supplier’s adherence to green practices and green standards as an important prerequisite to the Company purchasing strategy;


COLLABORATE with our clients and potential clients on the benefits of reduced carbon generation and how resource recycling can be an important aspect of an effective carbon risk management strategy; and


SHARE Company energy environmental sustainability improvements with industry and the public, to the extent consistent with competitive considerations.

World Resources Company commits to this Energy Conservation and Sustainability Policy and accepts the responsibility of the continuing task of conducting its business and operating its facilities in an exemplary manner that helps to sustain the worlds’ energy supplies and by continually striving to minimize its carbon footprint on the earth.

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