World Resources Company conducts a commercial recycling business that helps to conserve the world’s recyclable, non-renewable metal and mineral resources by using waste and residues from manufacturers to produce commercial products. One of the Company’s founding principles is that each generation is the custodian, rather than the absolute owner, of the world’s resources, and has an obligation to pass on that inheritance. It is, therefore, the Environmental Policy of World Resources Company to conduct all aspects of its recycling business as a responsible steward of the environment, in order to help protect Earth and its inhabitants and to not compromise the ability of future generations to sustain themselves. This Policy integrates principles, programs, techniques, and practices into a dynamic Environmental Management System that guides the Company’s managers and staff in the performance of their duties. To carry out this Policy, World Resources Company will:

World Resources Company commits to this Environmental Policy and accepts the responsibility of the continuing task of conducting its business and operating its facilities in an exemplary manner that protects the natural environment and conserves the world’s resources.