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Our global support offices and staff often receive compliments with comments such as, "We love how easy it is to do business with you," "You always answer our questions," and "You are always there for us."

WRC provides documentation, scheduling, and shipping containers for all your shipping needs. Regardless of where your facility is located, our team of experts will work with you to ensure the packaging, labeling, collection, transportation, and exportation (if required) are fast, easy, and compliant. We use only fully permitted and qualified transportation resources and track shipments from the time they leave your facility until their receipt at ours. 

Logistis and Shipping 1 Cubic Meter Bags | Super Sacks | IBC Bags

WRC's team consists of experts in mitigating your environmental management risk. For nearly five decades, WRC has pioneered global environmental regulatory compliance and best management practices to promote sustainable development. Our industry-leading experts and dedicated team have achieved a near-spotless compliance record.

Additionally, it is a priority to ensure our clients' local, regional, and international regulatory compliance in every aspect of WRC's services. Compliance with environmental regulations helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize deforestation, and protect natural habitats. By enforcing environmental laws, countries can promote the sustainable use of natural resources, reduce pollution, and preserve biodiversity. Moreover, compliance with international environmental agreements fosters cooperation among nations in addressing environmental challenges.

Environmental Compliance and Safety Expert
Environmental Compliance Solutions

WRC's state-of-the-art technology and innovative methodologies, combined with the strength of our international teams, ensure we deliver the highest quality analytical services. Our global, industry-leading laboratories drive exacting practices that are adopted by customers and clients worldwide to guarantee accurate and validated results.

All WRC laboratories are ISO certified and routinely qualified by both external and internal resources. WRC is a trusted partner in leveraging technological expertise, innovative chemistry solutions, and sustainability to ensure environmental and regulatory compliance.

Certified Laboratory | Expert Analysis | Metals Assaying
Comprehensive Lab Analysis

WRC is deeply committed to reducing our environmental footprint through energy, wastewater, and emission excellence. We are proud to have achieved Carbon Neutral status across all of WRC's global operations!

WRC recycles 100% of the material accepted, thereby eliminating landfilling and our clients' cradle-to-grave liability. Our operational efficiencies minimize solid and liquid waste, and we strive to incorporate renewable energy resources from logistics to operational excellence.

F06 Filtercake
Carbon Neutral Recycling

10 Point Program

1.  Nearly Five Decades Experience in Recycling Industrial Residues

10 Point Program

2. Fully Permitted, State-of-the-Art Recycling Facility

10 Point Program

3. Providing a No-Cost Waste Recyclability Evaluation

10 Point Program

4. Account Executive Assigned to Provide One-on-One Customer Service

10 Point Program

5. Organizing All Transportation Logistics

10 Point Program

6. Providing Pre-Printed Shipping Documentation

10 Point Program

7. ISO Certified

10 Point Program

8. Issuing Annual Recycling Certificates

10 Point Program

9. Closing the Product Lifecycle Loop -- Eliminating Cradle-to-Grave Liability

10 Point Program

10. Providing Facility Access for Customers to Audit / Inspect

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