WRC is carbon neutral

World Resources Company

metal and mineral resources

(WRC) is an environmental risk management company serving the
technology sector by providing environmental compliance and innovative
and cost effective recycling of non-renewable metal and mineral resources.

Environmental services are available to support clients’ environmental performance, sustainability goals and energy security. This includes material analyses, engineering technology, logistical support, regulatory compliance assistance and sharing knowledge that assists in creating efficiency and long-term competitiveness.

For more than 30 years, WRC has been engineering management recycling technology solutions, conserving energy, and supporting sustainability by reducing the energy consumption required to produce metals and minerals that are returned to the mainstream of commerce.


WRC integrates environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and energy security to provide cost effective environmental risk management and recycling support. Integrated permitting, transportation, material analyses and processing capabilities provide seamless support through all phases of activity and comply with all applicable national and international laws and regulations.

Global Focus

WRC provides all of its services on a worldwide basis and has an established presence in North and South America, Pacific Rim and Asia, and throughout Europe. The Company specializes in handling unique metal-bearing recyclable materials and provides superior, seamless environmental risk management and administrative support, regardless of geographic location.

Green Initiative

WRC collaborates with manufacturers, transporters and suppliers around the world to promote cost effective reuse of many materials, while insuring compliance with appropriate laws and regulations. The result is regulatory compliance that protects the environment, promotes sustainability, and helps to create long-term energy security, consistent with harmonizing public policy goals, world-class green standards and clean production technology.

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